Understanding Your Role as Supervisor

Understanding Your Role as Supervisor 1 Day Workshop

Do you know how to:

  • Make the transition from mate to boss
  • Motivate, delegate and manage more effectively
  • Give clear instructions
  • Resolve conflict
  • Give feedback and manage poor performance


This 1 day workshop is designed to help you overcome many of the supervisory problems you will encounter in the role, whether you are a team leader, a project manager, or a unit coordinator.

Clarify roles and responsibilities of the job, adjust to the role with confidence and an assurance you can handle the position and develop your skills in listening, asking questions, resolving conflict, and giving feedback to employees.

Develop a technique for making sure you give employees instructions that are clear and understood, and identify some techniques to deal with employee challenges, such as hostility, complaints, and poor performance.


  • Develop communication skills
  • Undertsand your leadership style
  • Make the transition from mate to boss
  • Know your OHS responsibilities
  • Delegate effectively
  • Giving clear instructions
  • Resloving conflict
  • Give feedback and manage performance


What’s Included:

  • small interactive classes
  • specialised manual and course materials
  • personalised certificate of completion
  • lunch and refreshments provided

Dates: – Check out our training calendar.

OR Customised to your workplace.

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