Refunds, Complaints, Appeals and the Journey

Qualification and units of competency – nationally recognised – REFUNDS
When you enroll in your course we make a commitment to each other. Please do not take this lightly – We don’t! When you pay your course fees $300 non-refundable administration charge is included. Refunds cannot be granted for units of study already commenced or for workbooks provided. The cost of each unit varies between courses. For example if your course costs $1500.00 and has 6 units in it of $250 each and you have started on one unit then $550 would be deducted from your refund. Refunds cannot be granted for students that have booked into to class based training without 14 working days’ notice. The training is offered on viable numbers and your withdrawal could adversely affect other students. You may transfer to distance or on-line learning or reschedule.
Refunds can not be granted if you received the course material and class based instruction and then did not complete your assessments. Your course has a time limit so please check this too before committing to a study program.
Short Courses and workshop – REFUNDS
Refunds will be given in full if the class is cancelled by PPD Training. 14 working days’ notice is required to cancel attendance in a short course. In exceptional circumstances a credit note will be issued. Individuals can be substituted with notice.
Appeals and complaints process

PPD Training has an appeals and complaints process which allows learners to challenge an assessment decision and enables them to be reassessed. The process facilitates the effective resolution of complaints and appeals.

We provide a simple Student Information Flyer on enrollment that clearly identifies the easy steps to complain or appeal.

The learner has an opportunity to present their case to their Assessor as soon as possible. If the matter cannot be resolved it will be referred to the RTO Manager. If the matter is still not resolved you will be provided with information on how to contact the Training Accreditation Council of WA

The learner may use an independent arbiter or advocate (if necessary). You can bring and advocate (friend/family or independent) to any meeting or discussion. If you wish us to talk to someone about your assessment without you being present we will need your written permission.

We clearly inform the Learner of the outcomes of the complaint or appeal and provide information on further avenues if not satisfied.

PPD Training will provide a determination within 7 days of your complaint. If we send your assessment to be remarked by a second Assessor or and independent moderator the process could take a maximum of 2 weeks.

A non‑refundable fee of $30 per appeal applies after the first appeal to discourage frivolous

Appeals. A frivolous appeal is one where there is no factual basis. They are usually lodged as a delaying or frustrating tactic rather than as a serious request for a review of an assessment decision.

When recording results, our Assessors ensure that:

The assessment results are recorded accurately and follow PPD Training record‑keeping policies and procedures that includes: Confidentiality of assessment outcomes and appropriate documentation is completed.

Your complaint is an opportunity for improvement in our processes and possibly targeting your individual training needs differently. We welcome respectful communication at all times.

When reviewing the assessment activity, the Assessors ensure that: feedback on the assessment activity is sought from the learner; both positive and negative features experienced in conducting the assessment are conveyed to those responsible for the assessment procedure; suggestions for improving the assessment process are made or changes are made to the assessment process and materials; and appropriate validation processes are implemented.

You can be confident that your assessments are fair, flexible, reliable and valid and that the assessment decision has been based on the rules of evidence: Is it sufficient in depth and volume? Is it your own work? is it current and does it meet the requirements of the unit of competence?. (Acknowledgement of Source used as the basis of our policy: DTWD Assessment in the VET Sector)


Inclusive practice and the student journey

PPD Training is committed to providing a quality learner focused experience in your choice of study.

We recognise differences among learners.

We cater for differences in individual interests, experiences, learning styles and preferences.

We have a strong focus on developing your ability to take control of their own learning and become an independent learner.

We use authentic ‘real world’ tasks that require thought and allow time for exploration by structuring courses that use a blended delivery model.

We emphasise the development of meaning and understanding, rather than simply the completion of tasks and have put strategies in place to provide this experience. You may look up the ‘Flipped classroom’ to learn more about our approach.

We involve you in the planning of how you will achieve your qualification by working in cooperation with you.

As a small RTO we may not always be able to provide all the services you need. We may refer you to another RTO or agency that can better meet your needs.

If you have special needs please do not be shy about telling us in confidence so that we can make ‘reasonable adjustment’ in teaching, learning and assessment to: ensure that learners with disability can access and participate in training on the same basis as learners without disability; increase access to, and participation in, training of learners with disability; and reduce the impact of disability on achievement of a vocational qualification.

We are committed to social justice and understand that sometimes various barriers make it difficult to complete studies successfully.

Barriers to learning may be:

Time constraints

Health or medical issues

Child caring

Learning style preferences

Language, literacy and numeracy issues

Computer literacy


Please continue to communicate with us and we will support you to complete your course.